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Citizen Orange is a U.S.-based, Guatemala inspired, weblog founded for the explicit purpose of organizing around global justice. It is the successor to Immigration Orange and operates on the principle that the pro-migrant movement in the United States has the greatest potential for eradicating a host of global injustices and generating respect for peoples born on a different piece of the earth.

In order to be successful the pro-migrant movement has to move the debate from questions of nationality to questions of global inequity. It has to move the debate from questions of legality to questions of justice. Migrants are first shackled to the arbitrary piece of land that they are born onto and then chained to the forces that compel them to leave. We need to remove those shackles and chains. Citizen Orange works for migrant emancipation.

Citizen Orange is an ally space. This means Citizen Orange does not seek to represent the migrant voice, but exists, instead, as a space to support migrants in their struggle for liberty. Humility compels us to make this extremely important distinction. Even though we are all migrants, the extremity of global migrant oppression forces us to recognize that even privileges we take for granted, like access to the internet, separate us from the vast majority of migrants.

This does not mean that we cannot relate to the migrant experience through our common humanity. We constantly strive towards understanding and empathy through Citizen Orange and our daily lives. It just means that we will not profess to speak on behalf of migrants. Citizen Orange is not the place to look for a space representative of the migrant voice. If you are searching, look through our blogroll for answers, or in a community near you. Citizen Orange is not the migrant voice, but we do seek to support it and amplify it through our efforts.

The information contained on this site is intended to educate the public and advocate for migrants in the U.S. and elsewhere, and is not intended to provide solutions to individual legal problems. Nothing contained in this blog constitutes legal advice to individuals. Neither reading this blog nor contacting the bloggers creates an attorney-client relationship. Readers are advised not to attempt to solve individual problems on the basis of information contained on this website and are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel before relying on information on this site. A list of low-cost legal service provider locators can be found here.

*Note to readers*: Attempting to "do it yourself" in the U.S. immigration legal system can lead to deportation, exclusion, and separation of families. No matter how sympathetic your personal circumstances, realize now that the laws are extremely unfavorable to immigrants and chances of obtaining personal exceptions to the rules are very low.

If you are in removal proceedings in immigration court, you *must* seek the aid of a competent attorney. Failure to do so can lead to dire consequences, including *permanent deportation*.